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There will always be people who will fuck up a good thing for you,
No matter what group you belong to its gonna be true
From straight edge elitists to disrespectful bands
vandalizing bathrooms isn't fighting against the man
Your anarchist ideals are nothing but a sham
We're here to support you but you're fucking up what ever you can

So here's to you, here's to my friends
and here's to all the local and outta town bands,
here's to the guy that helps you look for your stuff,
no point in stealing from each other when we all have it rough

Just because I'm crustie chick doesn't mean i'm in it for crustie dick,
we're all just here to party but your only here to ruin it,
Get it fucking straight i don't think you understand,
I'm not here to fuck I'm just here to see the band,
We're here for each other but its clear that your not,
These four walls are the only ones that some of us have got,

So here's to you,
here's to my friends,
and here's to all the local and out of town bands,
here's to the gal that rubs your back while you throw up,
No point in treating each other like shit when we're all that we got.




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The MissCreants Toronto, Ontario

Also known as the kazoo punx, Anna Kiss and Alison Soldink have been writing and playing songs since September 2011. It all started one fine summer evening at a hardcore show in early september when two friends bonded over their mutual love for Kazoos and hastily agreed to start a folk punk band. And so they began learning covers and playing them at shows and eventually they wrote a song or two. ... more

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